"I would just like to take a moment and give some feedback to some one who deserves it. Donald who works for Air Genie as one of their techs in my personal opinion is one of the best techs in the company. I have been down here for 10 years and unfortunately i did not know of Air Genie but I soon sought them out for all my AC needs. I met Gene the owner of the company because i had a problem with my AC. I have been with Air Genie ever since. Donald is always pleasant and curtious and would not let anyone else touch my AC unit. Extremely professional and very thorough. Now my neighbor is using Air Genie and find them to be excellent. I was shocked to see what kind of job other companies have done to her AC unit. Wrong parts and her outside coil was never cleaned for 10 years.

When choosing an AC company you must be very careful. I am a faithful and long time customer of Air Genie and would never consider any one else to touch my AC unit. Thank you Air Genie and Thank You Donald."

— Robert